Friday, March 26, 2010

An Open Letter to Fatty -- Let me in, and I'll do two laps.

Dear Fatty,
Due to an administrative error (I forgot), I failed to sign up for the 100 miles to nowhere.  But, you see, I would still like to ride.  What can I do?  How about you let me in, and I'll do two laps?

Pretty please? 

For those of you living under a rock (the real world) you may have missed the call. Here.

"The 100 Miles of Nowhere is a race without a place. It’s an event in which hundreds of people participate . . . all by ourselves.

It’s a very strange thing where you pay $95 for the privilege of riding your rollers, trainer, or a very small course (like around the block) for 100 miles. And then the profits from your entry go to LiveStrong, to help them as they help people, worldwide, in their battles against cancer."

Besides, I will have my army of devoted  readers (two or three people) barrage you with e-mail asking for you to let me in.  

Friends, email and ask to "Let Joe Ride Nowhere!"  

Joe "Wanting To Ride Nowhere" P. 

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