Saturday, April 24, 2010

Munchkinhead Micro Fleche

It's a stick-close-to-home weekend as The Momster is off doing her doctor thing.  Lizzie and I decided to do a microfleche.  We were a team of two.  We had one control at IHOP.  Surprisingly, Ralph and Carol didn't show up with bananas or cookies. Those guys don't volunteer enough!

There was no fire, but other than that, the similarities with last weekend were spooky.

Both rides had most excellent graphics:

We rode in close formation:

We carried all our junk in fancy bar bags:

Snacks were eaten by us. (passive voice points)  I'm partial to sparkle polish lately: 

We both rode single speeds today (hers was the pink one):

We stopped for pictures with our buddies:

We took naps when we needed them:

Lizzie has applied for a RUSA number, and we are waiting for ACP to validate the results.  Before she fell asleep, she said something about using this as the first month of an micro R-12.


  1. You are the MASTER, Mister!!!!! Well played.

  2. Way to raise excellent kids. You should be super proud Joe!!!! Loved the photo comparisons!!!

  3. Hi Joe,

    We need to get your Lizzie together with my Sarah! We'll get these girls into Rando in no time at all.

  4. The fairy sparkle bar bag is obviously superior.

  5. Joe,

    I spent years with sparkly or multi coloured nail polish on at least one finger or thumb.

    Sadly, they grow out of it.

    Now I don't have to explain anything to people at work and I miss it.