Sunday, August 30, 2009

Every Jersey Tells A Story, Don't It?

So there I was, yesterday, riding along in a slight mist just enjoying the morning. I was in a slight mist, I suppose, because I only had a couple of shots in my latte. Well, I also had two cups of tea before I left in the dark, but that hardly counts.

The guy behind me in line at the ferry terminal coffee stand had held nothing back and ordered his with five shots. Count 'em. Five. I vowed to redeem myself as the day went on. We randos know how to pace ourselves. Yeah, sprint out of the first turn, and order five shots, buddy; we can go all day.

But I digress. I was also in a mist, because I was in literally a mist. It felt great after some of the hot weather, and we were all fendered and flapped appropriately as we headed out on permanent 536 -- Hood Canal 2.0. I was not around for the beta version of Hood Canal or even Hood Canal 1.0, but I can assure you that 2.0 is bug free.

Mark had a spiffy new jersey on, and the thought went through my mind that he had to earn that one. Then I noticed what the other guys were wearing. As the old joke goes, I don't think they picked these up on e-bay. Again, Anne, I really don't ride that much. I submit exhibits A through F:

And, yeah, that's two different PBP jerseys. There were only six of us on the ride. I was sporting my Glacier jersey -- The Last Best Place, or as I was taunted, simply:

As the day went on, everything cleared up, and we stopped for coffee here and there. No question over the course of the day we crushed five shot guy. I submit exhibits G and H:

Let's play, "That's Rando!"

Rando is all about what works. Some people put together coffee-table-book stunning machines. Others ride ubiquitous Trek 5000s with mind blowing speed. An old rattle can '70's bike works just as well as anything. They are all rando.

I love it when people kludge together something that works with apparent disregard for aesthetics, but in their disregard, one finds a thing of beauty in function. The Bonzo Dog Band, once said, "Baby, you're so far ahead it's beautiful!"

As the first in a series, I submit this beautiful Pinarello with a classical hand tooled clothes pin:


  1. I thought we went kinda easy on the coffee. Compared, say, to

    Enjoyed riding with you.


  2. Smashing entry.
    I am still laughing.