Monday, August 17, 2009

So I'm supposed to update this thing?

I had the best of intentions. My dog ate my homework.

Well, you see, first I was going to do a ride report from RAMROD, but Matt beat me to it.

Matt rode to the ride, so he wins big time on style points. But I did shamelessly swipe these pictures from his Flikr site:

I had a very fun ride at RAMROD this year. It seems I know a few cyclists now, so this was a pretty social event. I've already forgotten about the heat and the usual cramping.

Then I started writing a blurb about Fatty's wife and Susan passing away, but I couldn't find the words. Fight like Susan.

Oh, I went and bought myself a honest to goodness mountain bike. If you hadn't noticed, I like bikes. I'll sell one of the road bikes in the garage to pay for it; I suppose it's like Kent's catch and release program for bikes, but I have a few too many keepers.

I am learning a whole new language. For you kids out there, I've got a hard tail 29er. It's got gears and a suspension fork. Sure, I thought I was headed for a rigid steel single speed, but Bob B. asked, "if you only had one road bike, would it have gears?" and that sealed the deal. Bob rode the Mountain 600 last year on a single. He was polite enough not to say, "you need gears." Bob, not so much.

And for someone who makes it a point to do all my own wrenching, you will be happy to know I didn't know how to take the wheel off to put the bike in the car. Excuse me Mr. Mechanic, but I just bought this fancy pants bike, and I could use your help taking the front wheel off. I'm such a newb.

Lastly, I'm going to be famous! Well not really, but I'm psyched. Showers Pass, who makes the best wet weather clothing this side of the Pecos, was soliciting photos for their 2010 catalog. I sent them this picture, and they said they want to use it. How about that my Painted Fleche brethren? We're in the phone book!

But wait, there's more! Unbeknown to me, my riding buddies Ron and Barbara in NJ sent in a picture I took on a Brevet back east which was also accepted. Nothing like a waterproof camera.

That's all folks.


  1. I can see the caption for that first pic now:

    "Showers Pass, don't leave home without it."

  2. We may be in the phone book, but he hates cans... nice write-up, you should do it more often :)

  3. Hey! Good job on that whole "sitting down and typing your thoughts" thing. It feels good, doesn't it?

    Beautiful Pegoretti man... goodness.
    I expect pictures of the mountain bike too. Get on that.

  4. Um Yeah, updating would be good. How bout "Sad Eyed Rando of the Lowlands", or mebbee "Maggies Rando Farm"? Let's get crackin'!

    Yo Posse's waitin'!

    Yr Pal Dr C