Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hamburg Cycle Chic

So I spent last week in Hamburg. I had a pretty nasty cold, but I still had a chance to walk around a fair amount. This was the most bike-friendly city I have been in other than Amsterdam. I'm talking real transportation. The downtown sporting goods store had a bigger section of lights, bags, fenders, baskets and other utilitarian gear than just about any shop I have been in.

The little bike above marked one of the ubiquitous bike lanes.

Oh, and the locals look pretty chic as they putter around on those bike lanes.

I took these shots in just a few minutes around rush hour in the heart of town.

I think there may have been guys on bikes too. I don't recall them, but there appears to be a guy on a bike in this shot of the dedicated bike lane lights.

This cool bike may even be piloted by a guy:


I'm pretty sure if you are reading this blog, you already know about the inspiration for this post, but just in case you don't know the master, click here.


  1. You are a dirty old man, Joe.

    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. that is the best bike porn I've seen in a while. i mean those bikes are of a certain "classic" design with their rounded features and all. Brings out the purist in all of us.

  3. So
    What exactly were you doing in Hamburg Joe?