Sunday, February 21, 2010


So there are a few bikes in the garage, and I decided to make one of them a lighter rando bike. Dario Pegoretti might just say, "No soup for you!" if he saw this. Or he might just smile and say, "Good on 'ya." I'm betting the latter, except he'd probably say it in Italian.

I'll put some better pictures up later, but she's a great ride. Thin wood fenders. Schmidt hub. Berthoud bag. All-weather all-day goodness.

Did the Alps again today with Vinnie, Kole, and Greg. It was a stunningly nice day for February in Seattle. Last time I rode the Alps, I had a tough go of it, so today was especially rewarding to clear my head.

I managed to hold back early and save something for (Lake) Alice (Road.) Alice and I have a bit of a stormy relationship. Last time I visited her, she was not so nice. Today she decided to play Good Cop so that I will come around again. I think she's toying with me, but I'll take it.

We just got back from a week in Calefornya, and when I got home, I had a nice surprise from Ron in NJ. He sent me this most excellent jersey, which I decided would feel right at home on The Alps. At the finish, I could swear I heard the jersey say something. It sounded like, "Yeah, Buddy, do that ride five more times in oppressive heat, and then you can wear me."

One of the riders in this picture did the ride. I think he's the one pulling the group through the night with a creaky bottom bracket.

Who knew that wool jerseys handle drool really well. I suspect there will be a few more Seattle Randonneurs at the next iteration of the ride.

Thanks Ron!

Oh, and it just wouldn't be a blog post without a shot of the little one.

Great day.