Sunday, November 21, 2010

Order Beer Glasses by Dec 1st.

Well, it appears that bikes and beer do indeed go together!

Based on all the e-mails I got back, I'm happy to do a group buy. 

Here's the deal:

Glasses are $10 each.  You can pick them up at the solstice ride (you will be there, right) or at my house.  For people who live out of town, I will mail them for $5 per order.

In order to try to get them in time for the solstice, I need your payment by December 1st.  

Oh, and while it is very very likely that I have these by the solstice ride, I'm not going to promise.  

You can either send money to paypal

So that's not too many days out.  Order before midnight tonight. 

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